We've spanned the globe to bring you the ...sorry, with Donald Driver's retirement and Ryan Braun's name surfacing in another MLB investigation we just have sports on the brain today.

What we have done is scoured the Internet to find you today's Key Reads.


Rep. Paul Ryan says “the President is shirking his duty” after missing the budget deadline for the fourth time in five years. 

The “Walker Model:” Savvy messaging, conservative governance 

James Wigderson explains the grade inflator in the new DPI school scoring system (MacIver Institute). 

The Coming Obamacare Recession (American Spectator) 

Up to 7 million Americans could lose their healthcare coverage under Obamacare (Washington Times). 

A bleak new outlook issued by the CBO projects 1.4% GDP growth, 8% unemployment, and 7 million could lose health insurance in 2013 (Breitbart). 

Path to citizenship may increase Obamacare costs up to $300 million over the next decade (Daily Caller). 

Former chancellor of Washington DC schools Michelle Rhee explains “my break with the Democrats.” (The Daily Beast). 

Does the GOP finally have the upper hand on President Obama when it comes to the spending cuts? (Washington Examiner) 

Five Health Care Takeaways from new CBO report (Heritage Foundation). 

AFSCME employees in Wisconsin think they deserve a pay raise (Wheeler). 

A Republican state lawmaker attempts to lure Minnesota businesses to come to Wisconsin (Minneapolis Star Tribune). 

The disgusting consequences of enviro-prompted plastic-bag bans (Bloomberg). 

Learn about what went on behind the scenes at “Government Motors.”(NY Post).