The crack investigative team at WISN 12 has done it again.

In a breathless report on Monday evening, WISN reporter Colleen Henry “uncovered”  the fact that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is pursuing a master’s degree at the Naval Post-Graduate School in Monterey, California. 

Normally, this wouldn’t be much of a “scoop.” But given the epidemic of Clarke-hate among Milwaukee politicians and the media,  Henry understood that Sheriff Clarke’s pursuit of a master’s degree in California was just another opportunity for his critics to take a shot at the sheriff.


Sheriff Clarke blasted the WISN story telling RightWisconsin:


Here are the facts.

Imagine, a law enforcement official who doesn't think that he knows everything and continues to pursue his education in a Homeland Security program focusing on counter terrorism. It is a very competitive program at a prestigous military research grad school (Naval Post Graduate School, the grad school of the Naval Academy at Annapolis) paid in full by the federal government, not local tax payers. It is a distance learning program with several in residence sessions to do research at the Naval Post Grad school in Monterey CA. What an opportunity! The rest is on-line here in Milwaukee. Six hundred people from across applied for the program that required a writing exam to get in. Thirty-one people were chosen out of over 600 applicants. You have to work for a government agency and be in a homeland security responsibility to even apply.

Buried towards the end of the WISN report, Milwaukee County Supervisor Mark Borkowski asked the question that gets to the heart of this non-scandal. “How do we not benefit from his master's degree and hopefully he'll be able to utilize whatever he learns in our community,” Borkowski said.


“With black school failure in Milwaukee being a contributor to many of the pathologies we see daily," said Clarke, "Henry and Channel 12 should be holding me up as an example and inspiration to young black males in Milwaukee to take education seriously and pursue even higher education.”

He continued:

“Instead [Henry] acts as if she "uncovered" me sitting in a Vegas hot tub with naked women sipping champagne and taunting Milwaukee tax payers,” said Clarke.