Here are this morning's key reads, with pieces on the mining bill, medicaid expansion, Paul Ryan and even an interesting perspective from a former Minnesota Viking.
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Assembly Republicans announce mining bill amendments based off of public input and concerns from Democrats. (MacIver Institute)
Paul Ryan may have some new paths to power, writes Politico.
 NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton explains that Americans, like pro-golfer Phil Mickelson, should be upset about paying higher taxes. (USA Today)
University of Tennessee Law Professor Glenn Reynolds notes that the "political class" is losing legitimacy in the eyes of Americans. (USA Today)

Sandra Fluke worries: “What if Employers Deny Leukemia Treatments on Religious Grounds?” (Breitbart)

Nine Painful Pressure Points in Obamacare implementation that could hurt the economy (NRO)

Ohio Gov. John Kasich reverses position and supports expanding Medicaid in the wake of Obamacare Supreme Court decision. Will Gov. Walker remain stalwart? (The Hill)

Despite the compromise, State Sen. Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) insisted that despite new amendments to the bill, it is “deeply flawed.” (The Wheeler Report)

Janesville Gazette: “Ryan in a position to help nation avoid debt crisis.” (Janesville Gazette)

Is free WiFi a right? The FCC thinks so and is trying to make it a reality. (Daily Caller)

Open enrollment begins in Wisconsin allowing parents the opportunity to choose the best public school. (MacIver Institute)

Controversy continues to swirl around Sen. Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey) over alleged trips to the Dominican Republic with a wealthy donor. (CNN).

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