Milwaukeeans can take great pride that their member of Congress is fast cementing her place as a national laughing stock.

How bad is it? Well the folks at the Media Research Center are monitoring the local news here to find gaffetastic gems like this:

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) was recently seen on FOX6 in Wisconsin discussing the role government has in gun ownership.

“Where are we going with this? I mean, do individuals get to own nuclear weapons? Do they get to own submarines, with this notion that they have a right to bear arms? No.”

I’m not aware of any great clamor of Americans desiring their own nuclear weapons. The laws in place governing the possession, storage and transportation of plutonium and uranium isotopes make that a difficult endeavor.

But, can you purchase a submarine?

Actually yes.

Watch the MRC report at the link below.