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Now that the President has received the additional revenue he demanded in the fiscal cliff talks, Bloomberg News reports that Obama continues his push for even more taxes

President Obama said, No doubt" nation needs more tax revenue." This, despite the fact that tax revenues are near the 2007 all-time high despite a terrible "recovery." 

Did you see this? Was it the best Super Bowl commercial yesterday? Was it the best Super Bowl ad ever?


The Hill informs us that Obama's nanny state to prohibit soda, candy, and potato chips in schools. President Obama is trying to drive a wedge into the Republicans and split the party. The Blaze has the details.

Breitbart's Big Government has the story of the Occupy Wall Street survey that reveals they were "white, wealthy, and well educated."
State Rep. Kathy Bernier is requesting an audit of the November election In the Hill,
Tom Barrett pushes Mayors Against Illegal Guns Super Bowl ad on Facebook/Twitter. What about the illegal fully automatic M-4 assault rifle the ATF lost on the streets of Milwaukee?
And we leave you with this, from the Washington Free Beacon: Left-wing organizations push Obamacare with dark money.Seek to enroll young healthy people otherwise Obamacare "won't work."
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