Um, because, he is.

The headline on today’s JS story isLemon law attorney Vince Megna's YouTube videos a wild card in election” and notes that in one of his wacky vids “ Megna wore oversize clown shoes because conservative WTMJ-AM (620) show host Charlie Sykes had branded him a ‘clownish lefty attorney.’”

As indeed, I did, in a blog post that asked the question:

Who is Vince Megna? See for yourself. He fancies himself a satirist, although a galactically unfunny and relentlessly tedious one. He's the guy who snuck into the governor's office last year to make this snarky video, which includes the memorable line, "F*ck the Jews!" And he's the guy who shot this video at Waupun prison, he titled: "Scott Walker Ain't No Bitch"

I found it more than a little ironic that he was filing ethics complaints against other lawyers for their verbal excesses. See for yourself: