ICYMI: The story of Mark and Mary Gundrum and their miracle baby, Dominic Pio, continues to get national attention. 

Even the liberal-leaning Huffington post is featuring the story of faith, hope, community and medical miracles. This is one of those stories that gets better on every read. But the story is actually best told by the pictures of Dominic. 

How is Dominic doing? From the HuffPo:

Dr. Meara told The Boston Globe that Dominic is "developmentally ... appropriate for his age," and Mary told the newspaper she's been told he won't suffer brain damage, but "will probably be legally blind."

"He's very happy to be home -- that's obvious -- and we're happy to have him," she told HuffPost. "We will have one more surgery for cleft palate repair, but that's a lot more straightforward -- it's one of the most common daytime surgeries. So I'm not overly concerned with that. But other than that, he's staying out of the hospital and we plan to keep it that way."