In a week of epic David Clarke smackdowns, this one stands out.

Joining the chorus of his fellow liberals, Milwaukee County executive Chris Abele took a gratuitous and predictable shot at Clarke’s now famous PSA on self-defense, snarking that “there are far more productive, responsible and frankly mature ways to address it than the public service announcement we heard."

In response, the sheriff took the occasion to remind folks of Abele’s – ahem—limited credibility on questions of law enforcement.

“Getting arrested for drunk driving and not paying the ticket for seven years," Clarke continued, "parking his car wherever he felt like it and accumulating 92 parking tickets that went over-due, and throwing lighted fireworks into the yard of a neighbor that he didn't get along with are all great feats of maturity on his part!"

In case, you’re a little shaky on the references, Dan Bice looks at the record:

Abele, the son of a billionaire, took more than seven years to show up in Municipal Court to respond to a first-offense operating-while-intoxicated citation issued in 1996.

The Democratic politician was also hit with a bench warrant by a Milwaukee Municipal Court judge in late 2006 for failing to appear at an arraignment hearing after he was ticketed for tossing a lighted firework over his fence at local attorney Michael Hupy. Abele eventually pleaded no contest and was fined. $175.

Finally, city records showed that Abele racked up 92 parking tickets between 2007 and 2011. He paid late fees on 27 of those tickets. 

Shorter version: Mr. County Executive you can commence the shutting up any time now.