The GOP's mining follies continue. This one belongs in the WTF category. 

Capitol insider emails me today:

You will not believe where the REPUBLICANS are going now.
The light may have been shined on their tax increases, but now some Assembly Republicans have a new idea to STREAMLINE the law and ATTRACT jobs and investment – a statutorily mandated tax audit every two years.
You can’t make this stuff up.
REPUBLICANS really want to create private sector jobs…but not quite as much as they want to make sure they get their cut.  The power of the DOR [Department of Revenue] to audit whenever they find an irregularity or just randomly is not enough.  Even the specific current law authority to promulgate rule to ensure a mining company pays the proper tax is not enough. 
Nothing says love like a tax audit. Wisconsin is Open for … Tax Audits
So, who’s next?
I’ve heard of plumbers doing side jobs for cash.  A biennial audit should help there.

Insurance salesmen writing off a few too many cocktails?  Probably need annual state audits there.

Here''s what bizarre: how does anyone think that this is an inducement for a company to do business in the state? Somehow it seems unlikely that a major business would be attracted by a promise to give it a financial proctological exam every two years.