Were the Milwaukee Brewers consulted when the legislation that secured the financing for Miller Park was drafted? Of course.

Did the Green Bay Packers organization have a hand in similar legislation for the renovation and expansion of Lambeau field? Of course.

Do Democratic union lapdogs huddle with union lobbyists in attempts to thwart the pro-business agenda in Madison?

Hell yes.

Then why are some liberals all wee wee’d up over a mining company’s role in crafting the new mining bill?

Because if they scream loud enough, they know the traditional media will lap this up. The left hopes the press will blow this up into some sort of government insider, smoke-filled room, slimy lobbyist five inch headline kind of story.

Which makes this story even more humorous:

Wisconsin Senate Republican Glenn Grothman said he would have listened to environmental opponents of the proposed mining bill – but they didn’t contact him.

The liberal group One Wisconsin Now complained that mining opponents did not have the same privilege as Gogebic Taconite did in drafting the legislation.

Gogebic is the Florida company that seeks to open a large iron ore mine in Ashland and Iron counties.

Senator Grothman, of West Bend, said he only heard from the Wisconsin Wetlands Federation while the latest package was being drafted. And that was only after a resident had asked the group to call the lawmaker.