Let us be the first to congratulate Tony Evers on his re-election as Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction.

Seriously, that Pridemore campaign is really setting the world on fire, isn't it?

Did you see him at your latest conservative gathering? Have you seen or heard him on the news explaining his position on any pressing educational issue?

It is National School Choice Week after all. But from the alleged conservative candidate for state schools’ chief, crickets.

Representative Don Pridemore, like conservatives’ interest in the DPI race, is AWOL.

It is common for candidates who are cash-strapped to fall back on the money excuse. But it doesn’t cost a dime to post a press release on a website.

One look at the Pridemore campaign website provides reason enough for conservatives to not take his candidacy seriously.

Pridemore certainly isn’t.

Click on the first link, below. This brings new meaning to the term ‘pathetic.’

I heard that Pridemore’s entrance into the race made some potential education reformers, who would have been first-time political candidates, skittish. So the veteran lawmaker cleared the field. And then…nothing.

What a shame. 

The good news is that conservatives in Wisconsin do not have to debate where to invest their time this spring. They can follow Pridemore’s lead and ignore the DPI race. This will leave them with more opportunities to work on Justice Roggensack’s behalf.

It would have been better off if Don Pridemore had ‘Pulled a Prudent' and not bothered to file papers at all.