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Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is demanding answers from ATF regarding Fast and Furious: Milwaukee

The Wisconsin Club for Growth answers the  question: What Difference Does it Make?

Meanwhile,  Congress  is finally showing  initiative to investigate Benghazi, according to the Heritage Foundation

Paul Ryan keeps plugging debt crisis message, says the Janesville Gazette

Each absentee voter costs Wisconsin municipal governments between $13 and $18, according to one village clerk at meeting with the Government Accountability Board this week. The MacIver Institute brings you the details the traditional press ignored.

The Obamacare fight has just begun, says The Weekly Standard. 

The Weekly Standard also takes a look at the cost of Obama's regulatory expansion.

Aurora's CEO cites Obamacare as the partial cause of job cutbacks in this Racine Journal Times story.

Coca Cola is closing it's plant in Sheboygan and the Sheboygan Press has the details

In other beverage-related news, Jeff Wagner looks at the City of Madison’s anti-business freak out over Pabst ads on city buses.

Meanwhile, Owen at Boots and Sabers provides coverage of West Bend’s Effort to bring new jobs there.

Media Trackers looks a how a liberal columnist minimized the work of  sheriff’s deputies jus t months after a line of duty death

The MacIver Institute has some pictures from yesterday’s School Choice Week Whistle Stop Tour stop in Milwaukee

At RedState, Moe Lane  examines one US senator’s hooker problem

We leave you with ths: The man whose rant is credited with sparking the modern Tea Party movement says “We are now Europe.”