We got a lot of reaction to our discussion of Dominic's Story and the interview with Mark Gundrum. But I think this was the most moving:

Hi Charlie,

I am a mother of three children, ages 15, 14 and 10.  I am a frequent listener of your show. 

I wanted to let you know that this morning I was listening to your show when you were talking about the Gundrum family and the miracle of their baby son. I was driving to my Mom's church (at the nursing home) preparing to lector at mass when you used the metaphor about sowing seeds of what you are talking about and you never know where they will land, who they will touch.  I listened to you talk about the woman who sent you a card about her decision to not abort her baby after she heard you talking about a right to life topic.

 Well, you'll never believe it, but the Gospel reading was about the sowing seed parable. Jesus speaks of a man who throws seeds in a rocky, thorny and finally fertile ground.

The seeds in the rocky and thorny ground may sprout, but never fully grow because of the poor enviornment.  The only seeds that grow are of course the seeds in the good ground.  The priest during the homily pointed out that yes, Jesus, wants to "sow seeds" in us, but that we are called to help sow seeds in others as parents, teachers and as part of a community. 

 Whenever you talk about these kinds of subjects that really hit home with me.  My ten year old son was born with Down Syndrome and is the light of our family's life.

We never had prenatal testing as it would never enter our mind to end our child's life no matter what the circumstance.  Thank you for bringing the right to life topic so frequently and please keep sowing those seeds.