Expect to hear more stories like this. A lot more.


RACINE COUNTY — Partly in response to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare — as well as other forces — Aurora Health Care expects $13 million less in government reimbursements this year and has begun cutting some positions.

Earlier this month Aurora President and CEO Dr. Nick Turkal laid out the financial situation in a 1,020-word letter to all system employees. He warned of position eliminations and discontinuations to come.

Turkal said there are several causes of the projected $13 million or more decline in reimbursements. He cited the economy, cost reductions dictated by the Affordable Care Act and the congressional “fiscal cliff” agreement.

“We will need to take immediate actions in our 2013 budget to compensate for this loss in revenue,” Turkal wrote.

Actions to reduce fixed costs will be taken this quarter, Turkal wrote. He also added that “you will hear of some position eliminations plus discontinuation of some positions in the coming weeks.”

How... unexpected? Who knew that free lunches (metaphorically speaking) could be so expensive?