Piers Morgan once again shows why his show's ratings stink. He's received a recent bump with his gun control advocacy but as this exchange shows, Morgan's schtick is wearing thin.

As The Blaze reports:

Morgan accused Clarke of using a “Hollywood voice” and dramatizing the serious debate surrounding gun control, to which Clarke replied, “this is my voice.” The sheriff explained that his department has limited resources and it is unrealistic to expect police to be able to respond in time to each and every emergency.

Morgan then attempted to discredit firearms as an effective means of self-protection, asking how many people actually defended themselves or their families by firing a gun in Milwaukee. Clarke said he did not have a figure off the top of his head.

“You haven’t got a clue, have you?” Morgan said in a condescending tone.

“You want to arm everybody in Milwaukee. You do these racy Hollywood-style adverts, you want them all out there, armed and shooting,” Morgan continued. “What you’re creating is a return to the Wild West in Milwaukee. So I think it’s actually relevant that you don’t have any idea how many people actually need a firearm at home to defend themselves.”

Morgan hardly let Clarke get a word in the debate as he repeatedly interrupting his guest and berated him. Finally, Clarke asked, “Are we going to have an honest exchange here or are you just going to talk over me?”

Barrett was typically banal. See the video by clicking on the link, below.