Let’s rewind to last year, when the usual suspects in the media fretted that Kid Rock’s decision to go all counter-culture and endorse Mitt Romney would be a blow to the musician’s standing with his fans. This CBS report highlighted the risks of alienation (a concern seldom expressed about, say, Beyoncé.)

Rock told the raucous crowd gathered at Oakland University that he believes "you have to stand for something" even if it means losing fans.

"It is a little difficult to put myself in this position knowing it may alienate a few fans, but you know what I really believe strongly that it's okay to disagree on politics and the direction of our country without hating one another," he said.

Rock added that it was OK to disagree, particularly in a music business that he says "leans very left."

But the damage -- if there was any -- appears have been minimal, at least among Harley Nation.

Yesterday, Harley-Davidson announced that Kid Rock would be one of three Marcus Amphitheater headliners for Harley’s s 110th anniversary party on the Summerfest grounds Labor Day weekend.(Perhaps Elton John was otherwise engaged and thus unavailable for an encore appearances.) Harley also rolled out  a “new partnership with Rock that includes title sponsorship of his Rebel Soul tour, named after Rock's 2012 album.”

So despite all the warnings that Kid Rock would alienate fans by being an open Republican... Harley has decided to go all in with Kid Rock. Does that mean that Harley believes their constituency is actually all right with conservatives?

Think about it... Harley riders used to be the "Screw the Government, anti-establishment crowd.”

Has being a conservative now become the rebellious act that marks the Harley rider as sticking it to the man?

Exit thought: Kid Rock wouldn’t have lip synched at a Romney inauguration.