Despite the snarking from the usual suspects, Sheriff Clarke's suggestion that people take responsibility for defending themselves is getting some support from a fellow sheriff.

 Jerry Bader reports:

Brown County Sheriff John Gossage appeared on my show today. He said he generally agrees with the sentinments Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. expressed in a controversial PSA and Gossage also said he may choose not to enforce changes in gun control laws he considers unconstitutional. Hear the interview here.


Clarke is also getting some love from another, more unexpected source... none other than JS editorial board member James Causey. Sign of the apocalypse?

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. caught a lot of heat when he told citizens that they needed to arm themselves because law enforcement can't always be there to protect them.

It's the truth....

I know this is scary stuff. It's scary to think that law enforcement may not be there to respond to your emergencies. And when officers do respond, they may not get there in time to save you.

We don't have enough officers to protect all of us. It's impossible. Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn has acknowledged that fact. So knowing this, it's only smart for us to be able to protect ourselves.

Not everyone should own a gun. My mother, for example, hates guns, but she keeps a Louisville slugger by her bed. She calls the bat her "Just in case."

 I prefer something with more power to keep me and my family protected, and I don't see anything wrong with that.


Finally, ICYMI, here is Clarke on CNN Monday morning.