No, there’s no joke here, but we saw a rather unusual alignment yesterday.

Bice wrote a column reporting on the boorish behavior of Supervisor John Weishan, who bullied a female colleague, Deanna Alexander,  because she dared to suggest a town hall meeting on downsizing the county’ board pay.

She said Weishan met with her privately and urged her to cancel the meeting.

"I left that meeting feeling very bruised by one of my colleagues," Alexander said. "I was crying by the end of the conversation."

Then conservative group Media Trackers – one of Bice’s bête noirs – published an item noting that the obnoxious Weishan had been honored as elected official of the year by Milwaukee Democrats. 

The Milwaukee County Democrats ought to have re-named the award “Elected Bully of the Year” 

And, to complete the trifecta, liberal Democrat County Executive Chris Abele chimed in with a press release slamming the supervisors who bullied Alexander, saying,  “Milwaukee County Deserves Better.” 

Some supervisors, said Abele continue to fight against real reform and punish those who want to move in that direction.”

Even Bice was struck by the strange-bedfellow aspect of the reactions, tweeting:

“Since when do Dem Chris Abele and Media Trackers agree on one of my columns?”

Actually, the issue of county reform has already resulted in some decidedly odd alignments, splitting the left (Abele) from the far left (the county board); while allying conservative Republicans (former supervisor Joe San Felippo) and liberal pundits (Bruce Murphy).

You’ll need a scorecard to keep up with who is on what side of the fight.