We've become accustomed to media lapdogs who refuse to ask tough questions about scandals ranging from Fast & Furious to Benghazi. But the same media herd can be aroused fearsomely in defense of a liberal politician under siege. Thus is a gaffe that would have ended the career of a conservative turned to political gold when uttered by a Democrat.

But the herd may have crossed a new frontier this week, when the media directed its fire at someone who asked the kind of questions the media itself failed to ask.  

On Friday the Washington Post went into full-Hillary-Protective-Mode by declaring it was not Hillary, but rather the man who tried to find out what she knew and when she knew it, who had the ‘Worst Week.”

Senator Ron Johnson’s smack down is classic:

“The Washington Post – the poster child of Washington status quo - said I had the 'Worst Week in Washington.' Benghazi was a failure of leadership by Secretary Clinton: before, during and after the terrorist attack. I dared to actually demand that Secretary Clinton explain why she refused to debrief her own staff and then provide truthful information to the American people. In Washington, demanding the truth is apparently a sin. Every week that Washington leadership continues to sweep its dirt under the carpet, ignore America’s economic plight and turn a blind eye to its own out of control spending is a bad week for me, the people of Wisconsin and every American.”