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Alderman Joe Davis Joins Call for Streetcar Referendum

"This Streetcar Named Ego."

Board Still Weighing Fate of Kindergarten Teacher who Attacked Walker Signs

School Board now hopes to have the matter concluded 'before the holiday break.'

Did Jonathan Gruber Tell Wisconsin the Truth About Obamacare?

Little reported on August 2011 report by Gruber for former. Gov. Jim Doyle seemed to give the game away about Obamacare.

Robin Vos Hopes Bucks Arena, DOT Budget Solutions Put Taxpayers First

Assembly Speaker expects to see the legislature take up both issues in the new year.

Sheriff David Clarke on Ferguson Response: Gov. Nixon "Afraid of Getting Criticized"

Clarke on Gov. Nixon: "He needs to get this thing under control and stop worrying about the optics so much."

Local Activist, JS Blogger Condones Ferguson Violence

All for the struggle...or something.

Key Reads - Nov. 26, 2014

Milwaukee Sinking City Hall, Trolley Folly, JFC Membership, Dassey Wants New Trial, Schumer Breaks Bad on Obamacare, Grubergate, Hagel, Ferguson and More!

No, Ron Johnson Didn't Sell-Out on Obamacare

Talk show host Mark Levin targets Johnson over Obamacare remarks.

Agency: $443,000 on Gruber Analysis of Obamacare in Wisconsin Long Spent

MIT Economics professor has already cashed the $400,000-plus check Wisconsin taxpayers paid him in 2011.

MPS Touts $2.6 Billion In Retiree Benefits Savings

Act 10 with the assist.


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