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RightWisconsin Week in Review - August 28, 2015

Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Gwen Moore, John Doe, and more.

Religious Liberty Wins Out in Eau Claire Area Amish Dispute

Exemption allows Amish to live as they please without fear of being evicted from their homes.

Lawmaker Wants Wisconsin DOT to Slow Down on Traffic Roundabouts

You know you have a lot of roundabouts when even the DOT doesn't know how many there are.

Scott Walker Buzz Index - August 28, 2015

The latest in national news and commentary on the "Run for the White House" by Gov. Scott Walker.

Key Reads - August 28, 2015

Marijuana Decriminalization, Hillary's "Super Tuesday Wall," Iran Deal, Obama Redefines "Employer," Virginia TV Shooting, the GOP Field as Superheroes and More.

Another Democratic Flack Goes to Work for Chris Abele

Melissa Baldauff becomes the third former DPW staffer to come under Abele's employ.

John Doe Reform Bill Protects Constitutional Rights

State Senate co-author of John Doe Reform bill speaks on what his proposal will do.

Scott Walker Buzz Index - August 27, 2015

The latest in national news and commentary on the "Run for the White House" by Gov. Scott Walker

Key Reads - August 27, 2015

State Budget, Oshkosh Truck, Virginia TV Shooting, Solyndra, Donald Trump, Rutgers University, Protectionism Returns, Katrina at 10 Years, and More.
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The Secret War on Craft Breweries

Big government hurts the little guy again.


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