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Former GAB Attorney Blasts John Doe Targets... Again

Shane Falk isn't afraid of the secrecy order...

Independent Auditor: Cost Savings in State Self-Insuring, but Currently Unfeasible

State could save anywhere from $50 to $70 million annually.

New Ad: Seniority System For Picking Chief Justice is "Not Democratic"

"And it's not the American way."

GOP Lawmakers To Walker: Your Appointees Are Lobbying Against Budget Reforms

Blowing the whistle on the Natural Resources Board.

Will Dane County Sheriff get 'John Doe' Treatment for Bradley Ad?

Dane Co. has an ordinance against using your office for political purposes. What happens when the sheriff himself breaks it?

Walker Buzz Index - March 26, 2015

The latest in national news and commentary on a likely Scott Walker run for the White House.

Key Reads - March 26, 2015

Fond du Lac Shooting, State Budget, UW Budget, the Amish and Eau Claire Co., Do Dems Need a "Plan B," the DOJ and Redskins, and More.

Half of Obamacare Recipients Must Pay Back Tax Credits

Typical taxpayer who received tax credits owes around $800.


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