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RightWisconsin Week in Review - October 24, 2014

The ad wars, campaign updates, closing arguments, and more.

George Will: John Doe Abuses are the "Nastiest Political Tactic This Year"

DA John Chisholm has made a powerful case for deregulating politics.

Weekend Key Reads - Oct. 25-26, 2014

Attorney General's Debate, Clinton Visit for Burke, State Senate Races, Early Voting, Voter ID, Maine's Angus King Shops Caucuses, and More.

Fact Check: Mark Pocan Lies About Minimum Wage

Not even close.

Of Course She Did, Civility Mom Signed Walker Recall

She's not what Burke's campaign ad is portraying her to be.

VIDEO: Illegal Parking, Special Privileges For Left-Wing GOTV Effort in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Election Officials Defend Privileges.

WSJ Editorial: "Chisholm Probe Designed as Political Weapon"

Burke and allies seem more than willing to use the John Doe in their final push.

Key Reads - Oct. 24, 2014

Milwaukee Turnout, Governor's Race, 6th CD Debate, Dem Blame Game Begins, CNN and the Palins, Ron Johnson Works at Kwik Trip and More.

Mary Burke's Lie of the Day: "Millions for Them, Pizza for You"

Mary Burke belittles a tax cut in a deceptive way.


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