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National Green Groups Targeting Scott Walker With Attack Ads

Groups have dropped over $1 million in advertising and GOTV activities for Democrats in Wisconsin.

Big Labor Pours $3.3 Million into Massive Get-Out-The-Vote Effort

Massive investments by AFSCME, WEAC, and others.

Key Reads - Oct. 30, 2014

Latest MU Law Poll, Governor's Race, Congressional Races, U.S. Senate Races, Hungary's new per GB Internet Tax, U.S.-Israeli Relations sour and More.

Mary Burke Now Says She Was Downsized By Trek

"She wasn't burned out. She was fired."

How Act 10 Allowed New Berlin to Focus on Children

Under the old union contract system, teachers came first.

Paul Ryan on Race for Governor: Courage is on the Ballot

Janesville Congressman talks about Wisconsin race for governor and other topics with Sean Hannity of Fox News.


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