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Sen. Howard Marklein to Kill the Full Repeal of Prevailing Wage in Committee

"I believe that we can reform and improve the prevailing wage law."

RightWisconsin Week in Review - May 1, 2015

Baltimore, Prevailing Wage, Shirley Abrahamson, and more.

Madison Library Exhibits Anti-Police Art

Library's displaying of "Don't Shoot" has upset police unions.

It's Working: AFSCME Councils Merge Because of Declining Dues, Membership

With membership declined by two-thirds, state's three AFSCME councils merging into one entity.

Scott Walker Buzz Index - May 1, 2015

The latest in national news and commentary on a likely "Run for the White House" by Gov. Scott Walker.

Key Reads - May 1, 2015

Prevailing Wage, State Supreme Court, Tomah VA, Bucks Arena, John Doe, Baltimore, 2016 Buzz, House Passes Budget, California Drought and More.

Rep. Rob Hutton on Prevailing Wage Repeal: If Not Now, When?

"As important, if not more important, than many of the reforms we've pursued."

Eric O'Keefe: John Chisholm Holds 1 Million Emails From Conservatives

"I'd be happy to debate John Chisholm"

County Supervisors Draft Resolution to Oppose Funding Streetcar

What starts as "downtown Milwaukee's" streetcar will likely become "Milwaukee County's" problem.


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