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Verona Rebounds: Hometown USA Rights Itself

How this one Wisconsin city fought back against the organized Left.

Keep it Personal

Citizens have a right to participate in their government.

Who Is The Front-Runner To Succeed Tom Petri?

Among the candidates, who has the biggest advantage?

How Verona Lurched Left

Young 'Progressive' Newcomers and Organized Labor Unite With Dem Party

The Roth Report: Primary Colors

Republicans make their moves as dominoes fall.

The Daily Obamacare Train Wreck, April 14, 2014

Now for the post-Sibelius train wreck.

Say It Ain't So, Hank

We loved you. You called us bigots.

The Weekend Obamacare Train Wreck, April 12-13, 2014

Exit Sibelius: and one final glitch. How fitting.

The Sudden Changing of the GOP Old Guard

Congressman Tom Petri and Senator Mike Ellis both quit Friday.

The Roth Report: It's Over For Mike Ellis

Video sting too damaging to survive.

Verona Rebounds: How the Progressives Lost

Dane County City Ousts Liberals From Office

The Two Burning Mike Ellis Questions

Will he run and who ordered the "code red?"

daily takes

Walker TV Ad: "Wisconsin is Back On"

New ad touts record, accomplishments.

At Last: Credit Where It's Due

A newspaper understands the wisdom of the Medicaid decision.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Launches Re-election Campaign

The most prolific tax cutter in America is running for re-election.

April 15, 2014 | Key Reads

Welcome to Tax Day.

Intern with RightWisconsin.com

Are you interested in an internship with RightWisconsin.com?

Happy Tax Day: The Remy Remix

You know you wanted this.

Clarke: You'd Think Tom Barrett Would Support Self-Defense

Sheriff Clarke answers Barrett fund raising letter.

Another Lazy Attack on School Choice

A strange and ineffectual attack.

Wage Wars

The interest of Obama organizers in making trouble for GOP House members is obvious.

April 14, 2014 | Key Reads

Start your week off right.

Portrait Of An Obsession

Video: All 134 times Harry Reid has mentioned the Koch Brothers on the Senate floor.

Left-Wing Group: Walker "Grabbing a Cheap Headline" with UW Tuition Freeze

Coming from a group concerned about student loan debt?

Wall Street Journal: A Victory for Civil Rights in Wisconsin

Paper hails judge's ruling on John Doe probe.

April 12-13, 2014 | Weekend Key Reads

Petri, Ellis, Walker, UW, and more.

Roth Report Special: Who's Looking at Running to Replace Rep. Tom Petri?

Grothman's already in. See who else is making moves.

Gov. Walker Proposes Additional 2-Year Tuition Freeze for UW System

"It's important to give our students and families a break."

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Estimates from the Cap Times put Mary Burke‚Äôs income at higher than $1.36 million last year. There is no question that Burke could self-fund her campaign. Either she is having a hard time raising money, or Burke is unwilling to bet big on her own campaign. 

-Collin Roth

The Roth Report

The the downside is, our watchdog media ( ha ha ) will not do what years ago was routine good fact finding. If it is not pro their agenda, why look?

-Mike Heimbach

Wisconsin John Doe Witch Hunt: Worse Than IRS Scandal

Wow, loser at PolitiFRAUD's Wisconsin franchise is even less professional than outfit's usual low standards

-Phil Kerpen  @kerpen


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key reads

Welcome to Tax Day.
Start your week off right.
Petri, Ellis, Walker, UW, and more.

What Should Mike Ellis Do?

Retire / not run again. After 4 decades it's time for someone new anyway.
Wait and see how bad the fallout from the video is.
Be defiant. Announce he's running for re-election no matter what.


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