A Tale of Two Wisconsin Cities' Police Videos

Green Bay and Madison reacted very differently.

Madison is a roughly two and a half hour drive from Green Bay, but the two Wisconsin cities are light years apart when it comes to reaction to a pair of recent videos that many people believe depict police brutality. If you are a Badger State resident it is likely that by now you have seen the video of the arrest of 18 year old Genele Laird at Madison’s East Towne Mall. Despite showing what even some in the liberal pundisphere consider an appropriate police response, a statement posted online and signed by 11 Madison City Council members said they "cannot see past what seems like excessive aggression," they believe is contained in the video. This, of course, is the same city council that had members recently express concern about turning their back to Police Chief Michael Koval because he is armed with a gun at their meetings.

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