"The Terror is Right Here in This Room"

Time to call out the bully

"The terror is right here in this room... "No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices." --Edward R. Murrow as he and his staff prepared a 1954 CBS “See It Now Broadcast” on Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy.
The time for euphemisms is over. Donald Trump is not a bully. Donald Trump is a demagogue, a tyrant in waiting who has shown a capacity and desire to rule through intimidation. And it is clear now people, otherwise powerful people, are indeed intimidated. Trump, as you very likely know by now, launched a vicious, unprovoked attack on New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez Tuesday night during a campaign appearance in Albuquerque. Trump’s tirade, likely an effort to intimidate Martinez into endorsing him, included a string of already discredited criticisms of her performance as governor.
Martinez, a rising conservative star, fired back. That’s more than can be said for other prominent Republicans around the country.  Beyond pressuring Martinez into offering her support, it’s likely Trump also hoped to fire a warning shot to other Republicans around the country who are slow to offer their support to his candidacy.
Sadly, it appears many have cowered to Trump’s scare tactics. As I write this late Wednesday evening, virtually every statement I could find that was intended as a defense of Martinez lauded her accomplishments but did not directly criticize Trump. A sampling:
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: “Look, I’ll just leave it at this: Susana Martinez is a great governor. She turned deficits into surpluses. She cut taxes. She’s a friend of mine, and I think she’s a good governor. I will leave it at that.”
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker issued this release late Wednesday evening under the banner of the Republican Governors Association:
“From delivering crucial tax reform, standing up to Washington by suing the EPA for federal overreach, turning a deficit into a surplus and making New Mexico the leader in jobs for export growth while increasing the state’s business friendliness, Governor Susana Martinez has effectively driven conservative reforms in a blue state won twice by President Obama, while winning re-election by the largest margin by a Republican in state history. Governor Martinez also has a dedicated record of helping elect conservative governors across the country, and as RGA Chair this year, she is leading the charge in several states that are in dire need of real leadership, just like she has provided in New Mexico.”
Senator Marco Rubio on Twitter: