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Wisconsin to High Gas Prices: Frac Off

Wisconsin's role in plummeting gas prices.

October Surprise? Mary Burke Donor Chris Abele to Dump More John Doe Docs

Chris Abele, his wife, and his campaign have donated $63,000 to Mary Burke.

A Game-Changer for the Wind Energy Debate out of Brown County?

See what the Brown County Board of Health voter on.


An unholy coincidence.

How Would A Gov. Mary Burke Deal With The Legislature and the Budget?

What could Mary Burke do with a Republican controlled legislature?

Debate Wrap 2: Key Moments and Analysis

Jobs, the arena, drunk driving, plagiarism, and Jim Doyle.

Mary Burke's Right to Work/ Tax Cut Plan?

Just a lapse in her liberal judgement?

Roth Report: What If Scott Walker Had A Great Week and Nobody Noticed?

Unemployment falls and the state ended the fiscal year with a half billion dollar surplus.

How Can Ed Flynn Sleep at Night?

The chief fires a cop for doing his job.

RW Forum: What Question Would You Ask Mary Burke At Tonight's Debate?

Act 10, School Choice, EPA regulations, and more.

Why the $55 Million in "Unexpected" Revenue Dooms The Democrats' Budget Narrative

If duplicated through three quarters, the end of the budget cycle would end with a $104 million.

Dan Bice and the John Doe: A Lack of Transparency

Why not disclose a potential conflict?

New Fiscal Report Shows Wisconsin is in Better Shape By Every Metric

Fiscal doom and gloom by Democrats is Enron math.

October MU Law Poll: Neck and Neck as Poll Finds Gov, AG Races Tied

Races for Governor and Attorney General were dead even.

EXCLUSIVE: Dan Bice's Supreme Conflict

State Supreme Court will decide fate of John Doe probe. Bice's wife is top legal aide to liberal justice.

daily takes

Assembly Republicans Lay Out Agenda for Next Session

From smart budgeting to regulatory reform, Speaker Vos and the Assembly GOP promise a wide array of legislation in 2015.

Left-Wing Women's Group Promotes Domestic Abuser

Group is used as a training apparatus for future female liberal candidates.

Mary Burke's Lie of the Day: "The Deepest Per-Student Education Cuts in The Nation"

This claim completely ignores the massive savings from Act 10

The Journal Sentinel's Act 10 Alternative Reality

Imagining a world with no Act 10.

Key Reads - Oct. 21, 2014

Governor's Race, John Doe, AG's Race, Congressional Races, Early Voting, Senate Races, Ebola, and More.

Bob Seger Beclowns Himself on Wisconsin Mine Issue

Aging rocker is entitled to his own opinion, not his own facts.

Mary Burke's Lie of the Day: "Wisconsin is Dead Last in Midwest Job Growth"

Rated false by PolitiFact and ignoring new jobs numbers.

Election Observers Face More Restrictions This Year

Some elections officials are using a new law as a way to restrict elections observers on Election Day.

Sunday Insight: The Political Money Wars, Red Arrow Shooting and Ebola

Joining Charlie Sykes on the panel to discuss the issues of the week, Dan Adam, Michelle Litjens, Lynne DeBruin, and Collin Roth.

So The Assembly Democrats are Condemning "Despicable Language" Now?

Assembly Democrats continue to support Rep. Gordon Hintz.

Key Reads - Oct. 20, 2014

John Doe legal costs, Governor's race, GOTV Ground Game, U.S. Senate Races, Oil Prices, Obamacare, Ebola and Politics, Hillary and more.

Weekend Key Reads - Oct. 18-19, 2014

Final Governor's Debate, Act 10, Minimum Wage, Voter ID, Ebola, Obamacare, How Dems are Winning the Ad Wars, U.S. Senate races and more.

RightWisconsin Week in Review - October 17, 2014

MU Law Poll, Campaign Spending, Ebola, and more.

New Sean Duffy Ad Features All Seven of His Children

The level of adorable is almost too much to behold.

Really? 78 Year Old Grandmother Banned From Poll-Watching By Milwaukee Election Chief

If upheld, banning would be the first election observer in Milwaukee banned in over 20 years - if ever.

PolitiFact Admits Facts, But Ignores Them in Twisted Rating

Facts don't matter to Jim Nelson of Politifact

The Charts: How Scott Walker Is Being Outspent

Because sometimes, seeing is believing.

Key Reads - Oct. 17, 2014

School Aid Up, Governor's Race, 6th Congressional Race, Midterm Elections, Krauthammer on Ebola, the Easiest Job in Politics and more.

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favorite takes

Estimates from the Cap Times put Mary Burke’s income at higher than $1.36 million last year. There is no question that Burke could self-fund her campaign. Either she is having a hard time raising money, or Burke is unwilling to bet big on her own campaign. 

-Collin Roth

The Roth Report

The the downside is, our watchdog media ( ha ha ) will not do what years ago was routine good fact finding. If it is not pro their agenda, why look?

-Mike Heimbach

Wisconsin John Doe Witch Hunt: Worse Than IRS Scandal

Wow, loser at PolitiFRAUD's Wisconsin franchise is even less professional than outfit's usual low standards

-Phil Kerpen  @kerpen


Twitter / kerpen:

key reads

Governor's Race, John Doe, AG's Race, Congressional Races, Early Voting, Senate Races, Ebola, and More.
Final Governor's Debate, Act 10, Minimum Wage, Voter ID, Ebola, Obamacare, How Dems are Winning the Ad Wars, U.S. Senate races and more.

Is there complacency among Republicans in Wisconsin?

Yes- Republicans Are Taking This Election for Granted
Yes - They are Burned Out
No - Republicans are ready to work and reelect Scott Walker
No - Frustration with Obama will turn out more voters


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