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Roth Report: Mary Burke's New Headache?

The threat Brett Hulsey poses to Mary Burke.

"Shut Up," They Explained

"Yes, McCutcheon is a victory for free speech but it’s another baby step toward the dismantling of laws designed mainly to immunize congressional incumbents against criticism."

Questions Taxpayers Should Ask About A New Bucks Arena

After the cheer leading stops, we should ask: Who, Where, What?

Keep it Personal

Citizens have a right to participate in their government.

Where Have You Gone Jackie Robinson?

Why are so few African-Americans playing America's pastime?

The Daily Obamacare Train Wreck, April 22, 2014

CBO study raises questions about future Obamacare enrollment.

Tom Petri: What's Right With Washington?

Newspaper editorial boards bemoan Petri's retirement.

Roth Report: Conservative New Media Flexes Its Muscles

New media's role in the retirements of Tom Petri and Mike Ellis.

The Daily Obamacare Train Wreck, April 21, 2014

Rasmussen: Don't believe the spin, Obamacare is still a loser.

Seceding From Reality

Crazy gets its day in the spotlight. Brilliant.

Why Easter Matters

Amid the Easter egg hunts and ham brunches, it's worth recalling the extraordinary importance of Easter Sunday for the world's Christians.

The Scramble to Replace Bill Kramer

Who's running? Who's looking?

The Roth Report: Mary Burke's Panic Button

As the economy improves, it is Mary Burke that must hit the panic button.

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PSC Rules City of Milwaukee Must Pay to Move Utlities for Streetcar

Milwaukee taxpayers will now be on the hook for additional relocation costs.

Glenn Grothman: "The Idea That Affirmative Action Is Necessary is By the Board"

"As long as you have preferences, you put a cloud over any accomplishment a minority has."

Gov. Scott Walker Up 48/45 in New Poll

Walker leads Mary Burke among women.

The RICO Administration

Members of this administration deserve more scrutiny.

Key Reads - April 23, 2014

Streetcar, Supreme Court, Tom Steyer, Affirmative Action, and more.

Intern with RightWisconsin.com

Are you interested in an internship with RightWisconsin.com?

UPDATED: They Booed Lincoln, Really?

The crackpots target the 16th president.

State Sen. Joe Leibham Running for Congress in the 6th District

Leibham joins Grothman and Stroebel in primary.

Candidate for State Treasurer Uses Campaign to Expose Waste

Expensive meals for DPI? Out-of-state junkets at the State Treasurers office?

They Booed Lincoln, Really?

An update on the secession crackpots.

Happy Tax Freedom Day Wisconsin

Despite recent progress, Wisconsin still has the 13th latest Tax Freedom Day

Key Reads - April 22, 2014

Roger Roth, the Bucks, Obamacare, Inequality, Mark Harris, and more.

Ron Johnson: Obamacare Rule "A Stunning Disregard For The Law"

Senator files answer to Obama's motion to dismiss his lawsuit.

Roger Roth to Run in the 19th Senate District

Scott Walker and Scott Fitzgerald endorse.

8 Times Brett Hulsey Has Ripped Mary Burke

Hulsey has not been shy in his criticism of Burke.

A Tale of Two Stadiums and Two Taxes

The status of the Miller Park and Lambeau Field taxes.

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Estimates from the Cap Times put Mary Burke’s income at higher than $1.36 million last year. There is no question that Burke could self-fund her campaign. Either she is having a hard time raising money, or Burke is unwilling to bet big on her own campaign. 

-Collin Roth

The Roth Report

The the downside is, our watchdog media ( ha ha ) will not do what years ago was routine good fact finding. If it is not pro their agenda, why look?

-Mike Heimbach

Wisconsin John Doe Witch Hunt: Worse Than IRS Scandal

Wow, loser at PolitiFRAUD's Wisconsin franchise is even less professional than outfit's usual low standards

-Phil Kerpen  @kerpen


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key reads

Streetcar, Supreme Court, Tom Steyer, Affirmative Action, and more.
Roger Roth, the Bucks, Obamacare, Inequality, Mark Harris, and more.
All the best news, links, and opinions.

What Should Mike Ellis Do?

Retire / not run again. After 4 decades it's time for someone new anyway.
Wait and see how bad the fallout from the video is.
Be defiant. Announce he's running for re-election no matter what.


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